E62 - Online Marketing Strategy & Tactics in 2017


Our first episode for 2017. In this episode we're talking about the online marketing strategies and tactics that will move the needle for you in 2017.

This is a conversation about what we've been using with clients over the last 3-6 months, what's working really well and what will become increasingly important in the coming year.

This episode is definitely one to listen to if you're a small business owner looking to ramp up your online marketing in 2017.

Key focus areas for 2017:

*Web hosting - fast, reliable hosting
- Test your hosting speed at tools.pingdom.com
- Brendan's high performance Wordpress hosting solution
- Google Apps or Gsuite for email hosting
*Whatever you want your website visitor to ultimately do, give them that option online. Whether it's buy something, book or schedule an appointment, reserve a spot, whatever it is, give the customer the ability to do it through your website 24/7.
*You need a page of content for every product and service you sell and all your locations. How is Google going to rank you for a term you don't have any website content for and how is a customer going to buy something if they don't know you sell it?
*Reviews and reputation management - something that will become increasingly important in 2017. A handful of bad reviews can ruin some businesses, make sure at a minimum you're monitoring your online reviews.
*SEO and Adwords aka a traffic generation strategy. A website is useless with no visitors, what's your strategy for getting traffic from Google and other places on the web?
Marketing / SEO
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