Trading OTC Stocks: How To Buy OTC Runners [Student Lesson]

Lately OTC stocks are back in play and one of my top students Roland has used them to catapult his $4,000 account that he began 2017 with to now $450,000+ in less than a year, taking it one trade at a time and locking in profits along the way so listen to him and see the strategy that's working best now!

Here's the summary of how to trade OTC stocks

0:18 I got caught in a halt and tried dip buying way too many shares and ended up eating a $4K loss. Then I ended up dip buying before the market closed and ended up recouping my loss
0:56 Bitcoin is up $1,700 which is insane right now
2:25 It closed at about 15-16 cents on Friday then gapped up a couple cents. Which for a penny stock is like 10%
2:50 I was risking the gap on this stock trade
3:10 We got a good parabolic spike, OTC style!
4:30 It’s important to take profits as the stock spikes. You don’t want to be chasing weakness when the stock does finally panic.
6:07 This is where a lot of panic selling was going on.
7:56 It’s an important stock trading skill to be able to identify the tops and the bottoms, regarding level two in OTC stocks
8:22 It’s important to get in at the bottom here, so you need to be quick!
9:18 Key Stock Trading Lesson: the move is to buy early, sell into strength and buy weakness and buy into strength again
10:06 This is an example of Tim Sykes’ #5 Pattern, and that’s in penny stocking framework (great DVD)

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