How to Create Conversational Forms in WordPress (Typeform Alternative)

Do you want your forms to have a more human feel? Many people look for conversational forms to give their users a one question at a time experience. In this video, we will show you how to create a conversational form in WordPress.

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For this guide, we will be using the paid version of WPForms which you can get using the link above. With the plugin installed, activated and you've added your license key you will want to go to the Addons section in WPForms and add the Conversational Forms Addon. For this specific tutorial, we will also be activating the Surveys and Polls Addon as we will be creating a conversational poll.

We can now go to WPForms, Add New, name the form and select the Poll Form template to have WPForms prefill the content to be a working poll that we can customize how we want. Now in the Settings, Conversational Forms area, we can activate the Conversational Form Mode to make the form similar to the Typeform conversational form. It will have a window where you can add a message to fill out the form, customize the permalink for the form page, and add some customization to it.

Now when we visit the URL for the form it will bring us to a page that has our selected image, background color, and the questions for the form. To make the link accessible for visitors you can go to your menu, under Custom Links add a link to your form with the URL to the title you want them to see, we've selected survey as the text.

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