[LIVE] Day Trading | Day Trader Annoying Reality. (Learn to Be Prepared!)

Well... as awesome and freeing as it can be to work from home and make money online as a day trader, this is not always the case. It would be nice if each day produce massive sums of money while you work from home, but the reality of being a day trader is sometimes your trading strategy just does not go as smooth as you would prefer. Does that make you a bad trader? Absolutely not! For those of you who are new and just getting started in the world of the stock market and day trading, one of the most important learning lessons you need to remember is despite what social media may portray, day trading has it's annoying areas too. The solution to this "problem" is to be prepared for it and realize that you aren't doing anything wrong as a trader, it's simply a matter of "it is what it is".

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