How to Track User Engagement in WordPress with Google Analytics

Are you properly tracking user engagement on your WordPress site? User engagement is an important metric to track because it will help you strategically plan for your site's growth. In this video, we'll walk you through how to track user engagement in WordPress with Google Analytics.

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For this tutorial we will start by installing and activating the Forms addon, this will allow you to track the different conversions associated with the forms on your site. You can find this addon in the Insights, Addons section of your WordPress admin area.

The second addon will be for eCommerce which you can also find in the addons section, we will just need to ensure that the correct tracking is enabled in your Google Analytics. In your site view, go to the Ecommerce Settings and enable both Ecommerce and Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting. This will allow Google Analytics and MonsterInsights to track your information. In the settings for MonsterInsights with Enhanced eCommerce active you can activate the settings for your specific plugin needs.

The last addon for this tutorial will be the ads addon, it is only for Adsense and you will want to ensure that your Adsense is connected to your Google Analytics to begin tracking. Enabling it in MonsterInsights requires you to go to Insights, Settings and Enable Google Adsense tracking in the Ads Tracking area.

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