Work From Home Trading Setup | 3 Monitors + Standing Desk Review

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For me, one of my favorite things about being a day trader is working form home and having the freedom to use my time as I want. In order to work from home effectively and efficiently, you need to ensure that your home desk setup is not slacking or below standard. I own a real estate investment (a cottage) that I've decided I want to be able to work full time from if I choose. It was awesome timing, but thanks to office equipment experts, Autonomous, they sent me a standing desk for my new office. I wanted to do a totally transparent review of the SmartDesk 2 Premium they sent me. As you will see, the first part of the review was me unboxing it, so this is a review where I genuinely give my thoughts in real time with no pre-planning or script. Will the SmartDesk 2 Premium standing desk give me the ability to have a day trading set-up where I can work from my cottage? Let me show you the desk and how it performed in regards to allowing me the ability to work from home and have a quality trading setup.

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