#SGVirtual (Berlin) + Legal Workshop & Fireside Chat with Amber Riedl & Aimie-Sarah Carstensen

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Dear Community,

We are really excited about our next #SGvirtual event on June 10th.

Especially since we are celebrating #SGWomen Female Leaders Month, proudly recognizing the accomplishments of successful women leaders all over the world. These women are founders, venture capitalists, engineers, executives and more, who represent our community. They are the women who exemplify profound leadership skills, hard-work, humility, and success and demonstrate their strength with devotion to the work they do every day. They encourage and inspire us all!

Startup Grind’s #SGWomen launched six years ago and is about putting a heightened focus and an awareness on our everyday mission to create more inclusive communities. Never has Startup Grind’s mission been more potent than in the realm of entrepreneurship, startups, business, and representing women everywhere in the tech space.

We are excited to announce our two female speakers since we will host an interactive virtual panel discussion with Aimie-Sarah Carstensen (Co-Founder of ArtNight & Co.) and Amber Riedl (Co-Founder of Makerist).

It’s all going to be about creativity & community: How to be a leader and not only survive but thrive in difficult times and stay productive with the whole team.

Furthermore, we are excited to host a legal workshop with our partners from BMH BRÄUTIGAM. You will learn about the aid programs that have been put in place by the German government over the past weeks and specific measures aiming to support struggling startups that have been introduced recently.
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