Exposing The Ridiculousness Of Penny Stock Promoters

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0:05 I'm in Asia working on several of my charities, I got a little sick, but I'm back. The Profit.ly sale is ending in just a few days, make sure you take advantage of it while it lasts.

3:00 It's so sad when people fall for these penny stock pumps. I don't enjoy anyone losing money, some people just don't get it unless I'm mean.

6:00 Now the game has changed, the promoters have muddied the waters, and they've become ridiculous with their disclaimers. They are actually kind of funny.

9:00 These promoters are telling you that they won't publish any negative information about the stocks they're promoting. It's hilarious.

12:00 FUSZ is a pump, congratulations to promoters. I will continue dip-buying on the panics.

15:00 If you follow the wrong strategy and if you follow the wrong people you will get crushed in the stock market.

18:00 This one line is the most honest thing that any promoter has ever said, you can't follow picks from promoters, you have to learn the patterns and decide which patterns you're best at and what works for you.

20:00 Always be learning the penny stock patterns to avoid ignorant losses.
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