Stock Day Traders and Broken Hearts (How to Avoid...)

I love being a stock day trader. Being able to make money online from anywhere in the world is a freeing "job" to have. However, in the spirit of being fully transparent and upfront, being a day trader also brings with it some broken hearts... if you allow it to happen. What do I mean? I want to share with you my stock day trading results from the month of August which shows the broken heart I gave myself. How did I get my heart broken? Well, here's a spoiler alert: it was my own fault. But, my focusing on how I got myself a broken heart, we can all learn (or be reminded of) how to avoid this in the first place. If you can avoid a broken heart, you will make that much more money as a day trader and be able to achieve whatever goals you have. As embarrassing as it is, especially given all the experience I have as a day trader, I want to share with you a big mistake that I made which lead to a broken heart and impacted my monthly trading results in a big way. Avoid what I teach in this video and within the big picture of your trading journey, you'll be way further ahead!

The Context of My New Strategy:

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