Tove Dahlgren (Allbright) - How to Build the Best Team for Your Startup!

The last few months has changed the way we do business in many ways.

If you feel that your startup could be, and should be, global, now is the time when the playing field suddenly turned completely flat.

As long as we cannot meet in person, it does not matter if you are based in London, New York or Hong Kong. Legally you can register your company almost anywhere, and the leadership team can call in from "everywhere".

We, Startup Grind, have seen that the investment decision processes have become faster and faster as startups from "anywhere" in the world can call-in and compete for funding.

So, when physical location has become arbitrarily, you are all online, and legal incorporation a matter of "choice". Then what matters is the idea and the team, and when comparing "idea" and "team", "team" wins hands down.

How to build the best team for your startup?

To answer this question, we were proud to have Tove Dahlgren from Allbright on the stage for the 68th Startup Grind in Hong Kong on the 29th of June at 20:00 HKT on Zoom, part of #SGWomen Month 2020 sponsored by Google for Startups and SVB.

Tove helped us to understand how we build the strongest startup teams that are internationally competitive by avoiding some of the common traps. Some of the traps are outlined by Allbright in their latest report "Tech Dudes Caught in Their Own Myth."

In the report, the team at Allbright outlines six key areas to focus on:

- Recruitment
- Education
- Allyship
- Accessibility
- Evaluation
- Representation
- These six key areas compiled into a checklist that Allbright will share with all participants after the event.

Tove helped us to understand, supported by brand new data from the Swedish tech scene:
- What is the correlation between gender equality and profitability?
- In what way is meritocracy, selecting a team based on talent, good for business?
- What are the most common obstacles for creating diversity, and how do we counter them?

Tove Dahlgren, is "Head of Education" at Allbright, and is an experienced facilitator on organizational change processes related to gender equality and diversity. Tove holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and Gender Studies. She is trained in gender mainstreaming and equal pay survey techniques. Tove has, on several occasions, participated as a gender equality expert in Swedish media.

Tove was interviewed by Amrit Sethi, Startup Grind Guest Moderator. Amrit is a co-founder of a data privacy startup as well as a startup mentor.

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