How to Display Announcements in Your WordPress Blog

Are you wanting to add an announcement to your WordPress site? This is a tactic that some popular sites use to draw attention to a specific section of their sites to boost conversions. In this video, we'll show you how to easily display announcements for your WordPress site.

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For the first method, we will be using OptionMonster who we mentioned above. Start by installing the plugin to connect your OptinMonster account to your WordPress site, then go to the OptinMonster website to create your account and purchase a plan there.

With the account set up, you will want to create a new optin and for this tutorial, we're creating a floating bar option. Name and select the site you want the optin to appear on and it will bring you to the customization screen for deciding the text and location for your floating bar.

OptinMonster not only has the power to customize starting with a pre-built template but allows you to collect the interested visitor's email addresses for future outreach. If you don't have an email service you can use MonsterLeads for temporary storage or if you have one you can connect it to OptinMonster for adding these users to your newsletter.

For the second option, it is less customizable but you can install and activate the Simple Notices plugin. With this plugin, you can add information the same way you would with a post or page, publish it and it will now appear at the top of your page.

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