[LIVE] Day Trading | Is This Worth 30 Minutes of Your Time?

If you are an ambitious person who is looking for ideas to make extra money as a side hustle, I'm guessing one of your valid concerns is as follows, "is it worth my time?" Anyone who is looking to be wise and invest their time wisely is going to be focused on this very question. Just because something makes you money, does not mean that thing is 'actually' worth the time it takes. Let me show you how day trading the stock market works, which can all be done online with an internet connection. For me personally, I find being a day trader and using the stock market as a side hustle to be worth my time as a way to make money, but that's me. Let me show you some of my personal day trading stock results, all of which happened in only 30 minutes, and I'll let you decide if you think learning how to day trade in the stock market would be a wise use of your time.

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