[LIVE] Day Trading | Valuable Lessons for Beginner Stock Day Traders

If you are a beginner stock day trader and want to learn how to become successful and make consistent money in the stock market, this is a must watch lesson for you! I'm well aware that talking about the glitz and glamour of being a day trader is the most exciting things from a marketing and sale's perspective; however, if you want to learn how to day trade stocks online the right way, lessons need to become much less glamorous. No worries, if you are someone who is annoyed by "theory" and find much more value in "real life results" to teach you, then you'll love this live day trading video I've done. As always, because these are truly live at the time of the recording, I have no idea what kind of trading results will happen, but as the morning played out, there were several valuable learning lessons that showed up. One of the most important keys to day trading success is having your expectations in line with reality and this video will show you just how annoying trading can be at times. Let's do some learning!

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