Startup Grind Jaipur Chapter | #SGWomen | Fireside chat with Dr. Anita Sharma | OnMyOwn | InkPotHub

Aashish Maloo, Startup Grind Jaipur Chapter Co-director, in conversation with Dr.Anita Sharma, the founder of OnMyOwn and the cofounder of InkPotHub. Know about Dr. Anita's personal journey and how she connected her personal experiences to build her entrepreneurial career.
Dr. Anita Sharma-

OnMyOwn- Drive on my own is working to enhance mobility of people with reduced mobility (disabilities/ elderly), by providing personalized car driving solutions, to bring back independence in their lives.

InkPotHub- It is a home for researchers wherein the researcher's journey is enriched (through mentoring) and celebrated (through publishing their research stories).
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