How To Make $2,000-$100,000 Trading Penny Stocks In An Hour

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1:20 The best stock market lesson from today is that we profited off of these patterns that are so, so typical. There's nothing about these stock market patterns.

3:00 This is a number six from my Penny Stock Framework Guide. Classic number six.

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7:00 If you look at FUSZ and GERN huge run-ups the past few days. We're tracking these stocks and we're shorting them. This is the pattern.

9:00 We all start somewhere. GERN is so liquid, you could have bought 1 million shares right here. I don't recommend it and a million shares are excessive but you could have done it.

12:00 You have people making a ton of money using my strategy. Learn the patterns, learn the strategies. Some of these guys are still in school and they're doing it.

14:00 These stocks have made so much money for people who are prepared. Leave a comment below if you understand this lesson "I will prepare." These plays come around again and again in the stock market.
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