Billionaire Sam Zell: Real Estate Investment Philosophy

An interview and Q&A with Billionaire and real estate investor, Sam Zell. In this interview Sam discusses how he approachs real estate investing and his philosophy. Sam also talks about the future of real estate and investing in foreign real estate.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
10:24 How do you learn, education and mentors?
13:22 Do you study everyday?
13:48 How to get ahead in the business and investment world?
16:27 What are your concerns about real estate and the world economy?
20:39 Where's the demand going to come from?
24:57 Do you see opportunity in the level of debt?
28:37 People are finding value in liquidity compared to fundamentals?
30:25 Views on foreign capital in US real estate market?
33:01 In 10 years, what will the real estate industry look like?
35:30 What is your real estate investment philosophy ?
44:53 You need to pay attention to Washington
47:59 Thoughts on investing in China?
50:08 Thoughts on Corvex activism?
53:59 Start of Q&A
54:04 You largest failure and what did you learn from it?
57:37 Views on tax reform on real estate gains?

Interview Date: 5th March, 2014
Event: University of Colorado Boulder Real Estate Center's 17th Annual Forum
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