E1081 SevenRooms CEO Joel Montaniel on raising $50M during COVID & helping restaurants leverage data

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SevenRooms CEO & Co-Founder Joel Montaniel on raising $50M Series B during COVID, taking on large incumbents, helping restaurants leverage data to maximize customer experience

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1:05 Jason intros Joel Montaniel & they discuss living in NYC post-COVID epicenter
6:26 How is SevenRooms adjusting their culture to remote-first?
14:58 How SevenRooms allows restaurants & hotels to leverage data to increase customer experience
18:45 Taking on sharp-elbowed incumbent OpenTable, using passionate customers to sway incumbents
28:50 How does SevenRooms charge & what data are they seeing out of the decimated hospitality industry?
35:07 What % of restaurants will go under? How was raising a $50M Series B as COVID hit in March?
41:42 How is SevenRooms pushing customer experience forward? How are they helping customers leverage Alexa voice recognition technology? Will facial recognition play a role?
49:20 How is SevenRooms thinking about potential customer profiles? Tracking customers by tip %
51:27 Joel on how restaurants tag rude/cheap customers, other codenames for specific customer types
55:33 Jason shares his hack for getting a last-minute reservation to any high-end restaurant, Joel on how you can be marked as a "wine spender" which could guarantee you a table going forward
1:01:45 Hardest table to get in NYC
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