Learning to Trade and Losing Money? This is Why...

First off, know this - you are not alone if you are losing money as a trader or experiencing a trading account that feels like a roller coaster of "ups" and "downs". Getting started with stock trading to make money online is one of the most challenging adventures you can undertake. The upside and potential is absolutely amazing and worth the pursuit; however, the journey to get there can be very bumpy and downright frustrating and discouraging. I've been guiding new traders since 2013 and there is one common problem I see among those looking to take control of their trading. The stock market and learning how to trade in many senses is one big puzzle and when you are trying to navigate success randomly... well... success is actually quite difficult to achieve for the reasons I show in the video. If you are someone who wants to be a successful trader but is struggling, I hope you consider the potential problems I talk about. Let's go!

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