[LIVE] Day Trading | 13 Minutes and $530 in My Pocket (Day Trader Results)

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For those of you looking to learn about the stock market and how to make money online by day trading stocks, I realize the internet is filled with information and opinions. While I'm not saying this information and opinions are wrong, what I can say is that much of this day trading learning is coming from 'theory". Trying to learn how to day trade stocks profitably takes way more than just someone teaching and talking with full hindsight in their favor. A much better learning tool are actual day trader results that show what trading looks like in the real world. Let me show you some live footage of myself making real time trades and then showing you with full transparency the results that are produced. If you are someone who learns better from actual results compared to simple theory, then I'm confident you'll find value in this video and seeing the possible results from being a day trader with a full understanding of the stock market.

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