E1080: Arlan Hamilton on launching Backstage Crowd, disrupting VC with syndicates & more

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Arlan Hamilton on launching Backstage Crowd, disrupting VC with syndicates, how the tech industry can be better for underrepresented founders & more

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1:06 Jason intros Arlan Hamilton & checks in on her quarantine
5:14 Arlan shares her thoughts on white VC guilt in the current climate
13:21 Jason shares his experience realizing his privilege, creating equal opportunity for a range of outcomes
20:06 Arlan & Jason share similarities, Arlan reflects on Jason's self-proclaimed "worst tweet ever"
24:41 Arlan on launching Backstage Crowd & what a syndicate will allow Backstage Capital to do
29:00 Are overrepresented founders companies inflated when compared to underrepresented founders?
33:17 Arlan on Backstage's insane dealflow
37:12 How Backstage maintains relationships with companies they initially pass on, what issues Arlan has with Jason's book "Angel"
41:35 Why Arlan maintains focus on investing solely in underrepresented founders
45:02 Arlan & Jason share experience meeting with institutional LPs (large endowments)
53:14 Jason shares LAUNCH's strategy for early-stage investing & Arlan on meeting & investing in Fleeting CEO Pierre Laguerre via Office Hours
59:16 How Syndicates will disrupt the traditional LP model & Backstage Crowd's deal velocity
1:04:53 Has Arlan seen meaningful change since entering the industry in 2015?
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