E1009 #StartupTuneup w/6 Startmate co's: AR presentations, experiential marketing, e-sports & more

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E1009: Startup Tuneup! Startmate Founders pitch Jason: AR presentation platform, experiential marketing, wearables that help menstrual cramps, education thru e-sports & more!

0:58 Jason welcomes the Startmate companies to the TWiST Studio
1:36 Zac from JigSpace pitches an AR platform for educational presentations
11:56 Teresa from Brandcrush pitches an experiential marketing platform
24:57 Jimmy from Syncio pitches a 1-click Shopify inventory sync extension
37:53 Alice from Ovira pitches a wearable device that helps stop period pain
46:14 Brett from Flaktest pitches an educational gaming platform teaching school subjects thru e-sports
54:48 Gemma from WORK180 a women-oriented job site where only endorsed employers can post jobs
1:03:34 Jason sits down with Startmate's Head of Operations Michael Batko and reveals his top 3!
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