StartupGrind Boston Fireside chat with David Friedman (CEO of Knox Financial)

StartupGrind Boston presents David Fiedman, the CEO of Knox Financial who is revolutionizing the way we earn passive income from our homes. David is a serial entrepreneur and dives into how he was able to learn from his first success (Boston Logic) to Build his newest venture:

Questions from the David Friedman event:

1. 0:01:54 Can you give us an introduction to what Knox is?

2. 0:03:09 What led you to seeing the opportunity in this space?

3. 0:06:04 Are all the services under the Knox umbrella?

4. 0:07:27 How do you interact with your customers?

5. 0:09:44 What is your team focused on?

6. 0:11:45 When did the platform launch and how has branding and marketing evolved?

7. 0:13:55 How has your last real estate tech venture experience shaped Knox?

8. 0:16:38 Do you have a similar goal/vision for this company?

9. 0:17:42 What challenges or successes from your first venture have helped shape Knox?

10. 0:19:28 What kind of company culture are you looking to build at Knox?

11. 0:20:52 What are some of Knox’s team building activities?

12. 0:22:05 How do you spend your time on a typical day?

13. 0:23:48 What is the expansion plan from Boston?

14. 0:25:17 What are you looking to promote as your key performance indicators?

15. 0:26:26 Who are your biggest competitors?

16. 0:27:40 Have you had any difficult clients so far?

17. 0:28:49 Do you have a plan to hit certain milestones?

18. 0:29:57 Do you plan to expand into new cities? Are you going to build new teams if you do?

19. 0:32:00 Do you only work with existing homeowners?

20. 0:33:56 What are the barriers to entry for your competitors?

21. 0:35:57 Do you work with both, short and long term rentals?

22. 0:36:57 How would you differentiate yourself if Airbnb started taking a more holistic approach?

23. 0:38:24 What is the sales process with a small team and do you plan to scale?

24. 0:41:01 What are the most difficult aspects of having a small team and keeping that culture as you grow?

25. 0:43:04 Do you have any advice for someone just starting out their venture?

26. 0:45:17 When do you recommend getting advisors and in what capacity?

Learn from his incredible story above. Interview by Boston Director Jason Kraus

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