The 2nd Best Penny Stock Pattern For Small Accounts

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Grab my blowout birthday sale at as it pains me when I see so many wasted trading opportunities like I've seen up and get better prepared, please!

0:10 If you understand this lesson at the end of the video leave a comment, "I will focus on key patterns."

0:30 The morning dip-buys into these panics have been amazing.

1:30 This is the best opportunity to grow a small account. You need to learn the small account penny stock patterns.

2:30 I'm showing you penny stock patterns that work for small accounts. This strategy is buying the first green day on an OTC. The first green day is so important.

3:30 Every single one of my students who was studying should have been long here.

6:00 It's not huge money but morning panics can make you 10, 20, 30, 40 percent if you time it well.

10:00 Let's get the pumping machines turning, but no big bounce is going to happen unless they put out some news.

13:00 Be open to other strategies and difference niches like marijuana stocks and cryptocurrency. The negativity is sad. These niches offer opportunity.

17:00 Be angry at your teachers and your parents for failing you when it comes to education.

20:00 Don't just invest in trendy stocks, they may have bounces, but the history and the patterns show that it's a terrible decision.

23:00 I have to be mean to get through to you, I'm trying to help you see the problems. This video is for patterns for people with small accounts.
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