How To Dip Buy A Strong Penny Stock | How I Made $500 In One Hour [Learn The Patterns]

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0:05 I'm here with an important lesson about spotting dip buys: the more you study, the better you'll do.

0:10 POTN was a great dip buy. How did I do it? Study the past.

1:30 The same patterns happen again and again with dip buys. If you fight me on it, you will not be my next millionaire student.

2:30 This is a 28% bounce in one hour. Leave a comment below saying, "I want to make a 25% return in one hour."

3:20 If you focus on these patterns you will get it, you will learn to spot the dip buy patterns.

5:00 Even if you missed this opportunity you can learn from it by watching all of my video lessons.

5:30 It takes years and dedication to studying to understand these dip buy patterns.

6:00 This isn't magic, it's all about learning the patterns.

6:40 I have 508 videos you can learn from about dip buys and panics. The information is out there, you just have to study and apply it.

7:50 I was buying POTN at thirty cents, and it has tripled. This is the single hottest stock in the market.

8:10 This is a classic dip buy pattern, and it's all speculative junk. But I don't care where it goes, I care about when it fits the patterns that I know and teach.

8:40 Watch my video lessons and get in my chatroom. Those are your to-dos for the day.

9:20 If you can make 10% on your money in just an hour on a $5,000 account, that's $500 in one hour. That's an excellent one-hour income, and that's how much potential there is.

10:00 If you do want to make this kind of money on dip buys, start now. Make a promise to yourself that you will study my video lessons so you will be prepared next time.
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