Innovation: Successfully Delivering the 'New' Client Expectations with Norm Brzycki Dash Strategic

Startup Grind Boston event:
Interviewed By Jason Kraus and Yev Ioffe.

About the Event:
Innovation is a practical, no-nonsense way of creating a context and culture of innovation and change for your company. It is about the "new" customer expectations, solving real problems with the goal of connecting with your customers on a deeper, intuitive level while driving quality and increasing the value you bring as well as revenue and profitability.

Your business and the entire competitive business world are focused on measuring results and returns and that is appropriate and important. Truly healthy, growing, and innovative companies have leaders and a culture focused on mission and vision (long-term gains) as well as processes and procedures that allow and facilitate exploration, innovation, and change. Real sustainable innovation isn't about creating the "next big thing", although that can happen. It's about searching for ways to better serve your customers presently and with an eye on what's next, and the ways and means to achieve it.

About the presenter:

Norm Brzycki is organizational development, leadership, entrepreneurial, executive coaching, educator, and advisor for startups and small to mid-size businesses in North America. He is nationally recognized for providing startups, emerging and established companies, and their leaders the essential tools, focus, attitude, and processes for competing and winning in the innovation economy dominated by large corporations. Helping you make your company better, faster, smarter.

He is a management expert, leadership development thought leader having created the "Self-Aware Leadership" program, an employee/organization engagement expert, consultant, trusted coach, a dynamic speaker, and teacher. He brings extensive experience and success providing proven leadership and expertise in all areas of organizational effectiveness including progressive improvement and growth programs, change management, innovation, adult education, training, and educational program design and development.

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