How I Use "FOMO" to Make Money Day Trading Stocks

Whether you are a beginner stock day trader who is just getting started in the stock market or someone with lots of day trading experience, the fear of missing out ("FOMO") is a very real emotion. In fact, it's probably one of the most (if not "the most") problems that day traders face causing them all kinds of headaches and struggles. So, in a very broad sense, "FOMO" is a bad thing and needs to be avoided at all costs... kind of. What do I mean? Well, while "FOMO" is a bad thing for one group of day traders, the question then becomes, is it a good thing for another group of traders? And yes, it sure is! Let me show you how I use "FOMO" to make money day trading stocks while other traders, at the same time, are losing money. When you focus on the right strategies as a day trader, you can't guarantee any money making results, but you can at least put yourself in a position where the odds are most likely in your favor. Let me show you what I mean with some of my personal stock day trading results.

What is "Shorting"? How Does It Make You Money?

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