Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren - CEO Karma - Creating the world’s first zero food waste generation

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“Creating the world’s first zero food waste generation” with Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren - CEO Karma
00:00 Who is Hjalmar?
03:19 Where did the idea of starting Karma come about?
08:07 How did you convince investors that tackling food waste was a business opportunity?
12:43 How did you convince investors that tackling food waste was a business opportunity?
15:58 How has your start-up journey been and where are you heading?
19:03 Expansion vs. Product Development. Which strategy did you pick to scale your business (and impact)?
23:00 Are you an "impact start-up"? Do you have a dual purpose, impact + profit?
26:15 How did you make use of the Start-Up Ecosystem in Stockholm? How would you rate it?
30:29 Where do you see Karma and where do you see yorlsef in 5 years?
31:43 What is a challenge in your business that you could have avoided and that you still need to fix?
34:19 Since Corona, are there new trends that will affect your business model (positively or negatively)?
37:00 If a partner (restaurant or cafe') stops working with you, what are the reasons? (if it even happens)?
38:58 Do you have partnerships with other players in the food waste space? How do you take that decision of who to partner-up with?
40:57 Where food safety laws a problem for starting Karma?
42:06 Did Covid have a negative impact on the Business and how did you overcome it?
44:33 What about supermarkets? Do you serve them or do you face resistence from them?
46:17 Do you predict surplus? How?
48:09 How is TooGoodToGo and other new players in your niche affect our business? Are they competitors?
48:54 What is the top challenge for you in the future?

Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren is on a mission to eliminating food waste. As CEO and co-founder he has created a community that has rescued 4 million meals and counting from going to waste.

Karma did not initially start out with the ambition to solve one of the biggest environmental challenges today: food waste. Today Karma is one of the fastest growing startups in Europe, solving part of the $1.2 trillion food waste problem.

One third of all food produced is thrown away annually, resulting in 1.3 billion tonnes of waste worldwide. It’s one of the largest climate and economic issues facing our planet, which paradoxically creates a huge business opportunity.
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