E1019 Mahmee CEO Melissa Hanna helps moms w/ postpartum care, Serena Williams & Mark Cuban invested

Mahmee CEO & Co-Founder Melissa Hanna is helping new moms navigate thru postpartum care, shares insights on getting Serena Williams & Mark Cuban to invest, improving the experience for mothers of color & adding structure to a fragmented industry

0:58 Jason intros Melissa Hanna
1:40 What is Mahmee? What challenges are they solving for?
4:54 How does Mahmee acquire customers? Who pays for the service?
7:37 What is the current cost of having a child in the US? What are some glaring postpartum care issues in the US?
15:28 How did Melissa get Arlan Hamilton to invest?
18:42 How did Mark Cuban invest in Mahmee?
21:02 Why are black mothers 3-4x more likely to die from childbirth? Why is there such bias in healthcare?
28:31 How can Mahmee increase the birth experience across the US?
33:24 How does Melissa balance balancing the current confines in which they have to work with looking towards the future and what is possible?
38:42 What are the complexities of the healthcare space that make it hard for startups? What is the opportunity?
45:47 What are some Mahmee success stories?
51:54 Better ways to deal with postpartum depression?
57:01 How did Serena Williams come onboard via Serena Ventures?

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