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As much as I love being a day trader and making money online with stocks, there are some ugly truths that need to be addressed. I don't share this with you to try and discourage you away from day trading stocks online, but rather, I share it with you so you can have realistic expectations. I understand. In this period of social media and many people portraying like they have "it all figured out", it can become very easy to establish unrealistic expectations when it comes to day trading. One of these ugly facts is this: sometimes you will "work" for less than minimum wage. It's never fun and it can be super annoying, but it happens (and will happen to you!). it's okay when it happens, it does not make you a bad trader and it does not mean you should give up. All it means is, well, that you are doing your best to survive as a day trader. In this video you'll see some struggles I have, but within these struggles there are some very valuable learning lessons that will help you become a better day trader in the big picture. Let's go on an annoying, but learning packed, journey.

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