The Day Trading Devil: The 1st Minute (Case Study)

Whether you are day trading stocks, options, futures, forex or cryptocurrency, there are some nasty little devils out there that you need to avoid. These devils are nasty because they are oh so tempting, yet, oh so danger for your day trading consistency levels. In this situation, let's talk more about the first minute of the day and why it can be extremely hazardous for your daily trading results. I've talked about this topic already from more-so a broad/theoretical sense; however, I want to do a case study using some of my personal trading results. Sure, it's never fun to talk about (and publicly show on YouTube) the times you lose money as a day trader, but if it can help even a few of you in your day trading journey, then great! If you want to learn how to be a good day trader and make consistent money over the long haul, the first minute devil is something that needs to be fully understood and factored into your overall day trading strategies. Let's get to it!

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