#SGWomen Startup Grind Muscat with Vicki Lau, Founder, Content Creator and VFX Expert

Startup Grind Muscat hosted Vicki Lau, in our first virtual event on June 28th 2020.

In 2016 Vicki left her job in the US to start a Virtual Reality Startup in Singapore. Her business was set up with a 100% remote working infrastructure with 18 collaborators from 5 time zones, developed and launched a VR game on the Oculus Store, within seven months. The team delivered the entirety of the work successfully remotely.

Today, she gives talks on exploring VFX & artistic careers (especially to women and people outside of the United States). She also teaches Nuke and After Effects compositing and rotoscoping to over 48,000 students from 177 countries. She aims to democratize the knowledge and insights from within Hollywood VFX studios themselves to the global masses.

You can reach Vicki through these links:

Our event focused on Vicki's entrepreneurial experience, where it intersects with VR and VFX, as well as her insights on the media industry globally.

Our event was moderated by Anwar Al Asmi, of Reality CG.
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