Startup Grind Sialkot

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Startup grind is now in the city of Iqbal! The magnificence of entrepreneur inherently business narrative mind people to explore more innovative ideas and cognitive understanding on a global level.

Sialkot is an Industrial city. It's one of the most important cities in the country as it accounts for a huge chunk of country's total exports. People aspire to become entrepreneurs and start their own units here. The focus of Startup Grind Sialkot it to instill Leadership qualities in them. We want them to learn from each other, network in a positive way and grow together. Moreover, technology is the single most important tool imperative for success in the new world. Focusing our agenda on this idea, we aim to join Industry with Technology! Therefore, we want to bring Change by joining the hands of technologists with Industrialists; join their power and gain maximum benefit! So here we are, developing a community that's just not going to benefit the individuals but also the city as a whole and the country on a macro level.

For the first event, our speaker is a woman who has not only worked hard enough to achieve her goals and dreams in life but also helps and inspire others, especially girls to stand by their own. Rabia Armghan, who is an entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of e. Educators. It is a digital platform that enables individuals to identify their talents and generates entrepreneurs by providing them training on various platforms like YouTube, Fiverr etc. She is bringing innovation via technology by connecting them with local and international trainers. Her company is the gateway to technological world. E. Educators is uplifting the Technologically underprivileged areas of the world providing them new horizons and opportunities to brand themselves.
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