Jim Law: CEO of Find a Player | Startup Grind University of Strathclyde

Startup Grind Strathclyde event with Jim Law, CEO of Find a Player from 08/10/2019.

Jim Law is the founder and CEO of Find a Player - a platform which delivers sport in the same way Uber provides cabs or JustEat provides food - instantly and on demand. Having been the recipient of numerous global product awards and identified as the ‘best in class’ product by numerous start-up bodies. The company is currently fundraising while working on a number of major partnerships to help deliver rapid scale.

Find a Player is well accredited, having been named 'Best App' @ Yahoo Sports Tech Startups 2018, 'Best App' @ Sports Technology Awards 2017 and 'Best UK Sports Start-up'@ KPMG World Series 2017. Jim is a 2019 alumni of the Strathclyde University ‘Growth Advantage Programme’ and continues to be a keen (but out of shape and frequently injured) sportsman (his own words, not ours!)
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