Startup Grind Dnipro #16 Product Month Dmitriy Kulaksyz, PM Stripo

Product & Engineering Month
How can a startup survive during the first two years and how can it grow? Development, marketing, investments, and points of growth.

Speakers from shared with you how on the competitive market a niche SaaS product succeeded in getting:

- 100K users;
- $370K in revenue;
- 10-20% growth;
- clients from 80 countries;
- successfully finished one of the largest European accelerators - Startup Bootcamp;
- participated as speakers in big events and conferences in Europe and the USA.
They managed to get a number of clients without direct sales. Among Stripo clients, you will find Cisco, McDonald's, Airbnb, HP, Oracle, UEFA, ESET, the world’s top Universities, and 3K other companies.

Dmitry Kulaksyz shared the experience of forming a team for a SaaS product with 130k + users, talked about the internal processes, technologies used and the difficulties that the team had previously encountered.

Participants were also lucky to hear information from the CEO of the project, Dmitry Kudrenko, how the team communicates with customers, about support in the middle of the night, and how a Ukrainian startup can attract investment in the United States.
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