E952 David Rogier, MasterClass on shaping the future of online learning @LAUNCH Festival Sydney 2019

Masterclass Co-founder & CEO David Rogier on shaping the future of online learning with life-changing & accessible classes taught by world's top talent, landing Dustin Hoffman as 1st to scaling to over 60 celebrity courses, lessons in raising & deploying funding, early inspiration & lifelong love of education gifted by grandmother who fled Nazis in Poland @ LAUNCH Festival Sydney 2019

4:32 Why Jason passed on investing in MasterClass & landing Dustin Hoffman as 1st instructor
8:53 Bridging the gap between professional entertainment and online education
13:18 Ideal target customer & company mission
26:00 Why Steph Curry was the perfect MasterClass instructor for basketball
33:31 How David negotiated masterclass.com domain name
46:32 David's shares how his grandmother, who fled Poland from the Nazis, gave him the gift of appreciating education

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