E1036 #AskJason Maximizing equity & security at startups, top founder/investor traits, podcast tips

#AskJason Special! When to join a startup to maximize equity & job security, types of companies that will thrive in an economic downturn, legendary founder & investor traits, tips for starting a podcast & more!

0:01 Jason intros today's topics
2:15 George calls in and asks Jason about social media interference in the 2020 election
11:13 Joey calls in and asks Jason for some tips on starting and growing a podcast
21:05 Dan asks Jason about which health-tech startup idea to pursue
26:49 Alex calls in and asks Jason about the types companies that will thrive in an economic downturn
34:35 Karen asks Jason about legendary founder & investor traits
44:11 Blaze calls in and asks Jason about when to join a startup to maximize equity & job security
52:14 Patrick asks Jason how to get on his radar in terms of getting an internship/job at LAUNCH
55:33 James asks how a young early-stage firm can differentiate itself from the pack and attract talented founders

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