Former Apple Shareholder Shares Thoughts On Apple Special Event

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The Apple special event September 2019 was today, and I thought since I am a former Apple shareholder I would share my thoughts on the product launches.

Apple today released many different products. The first being Apple arcade. Apple arcade is going to cost $4.99 per month and will allow you to play tons of different games from your iPad or iPhone. Looks pretty cool.

Apple then released a new iPad which was kind of like okay. Then Apple released more information about Apple TV plus which looks pretty awesome! This is a NFLX competitor and is priced at only $4.99 per month! That is a great deal. This has huge potential long term. Apple was very successful with music and i think they will be with Apple tv plus as well.

Then apple released their new iPhones for 2019/2020. One was just called the iPhone 11. This iPhone is somewhat intriguing since it will have the fastest chip of any smart phone in the world but will come in at a price point of only $699. Then they came out with the iPhone 11 pro max and iPhone 11 pro. They also showed off Apple watch series 5 as well as lowered the price to $199 for the Apple watch series 3.

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