Making a Penny Stock Millionaire: Mentoring My Students to the Top (Are YOU Next?)*

What it was like mentoring Tim Grittani to his first million. Subscribe: to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques.*

I started the millionaire challenge specifically to create millionaires from scratch. Most people thought that I was full of it at the beginning, there are still a few people that think that now but far less now that I have several millionaire students.*

Tim Grittani was not the first millionaire, he was the second millionaire student. Michael Goode was the first millionaire student. They both became millionaires within a few weeks of each other, it was crazy, and now just in the past few weeks, I've had two more students get to one million within weeks of each other, it's very strange.*

Tim Grittani wanted to learn everything from the get-go, and understand; he was not consistently profitable for the first nine months, okay? It didn't take him nine months to make a million dollars; it took him nine months to get consistently profitable. So the first year was a lot of Q and A, a lot of studying.*

I want you to get that itch to learn, and become dedicated, and become obsessed with success, and that's what Tim Grittani has done. Now, in just the past few months, he's had two 500,000 dollar profit months, he's made over a million dollars in two months. He takes months off now, he goes to like Italy or Iceland or wherever, but just a great guy. He's remained humble this whole time. He has surpassed me in total dollar profits.*

Of course, he's trading with a bigger account; I'm trading with a smaller account. He's so useful and helpful in the chatroom, I mean, in the challenge chatroom, he's there sometimes, just answering questions all day, even while he's trading.

Tim has moved to the Caribbean with his beautiful wife. I mean, he's living the dream, and that's what I want for more people. So I don't know, leave a comment, message me, let me know if you're going to be a dedicated student. It's not easy; it's not a given that you're going to become my next millionaire student.*

You're going to have to get knowledge. You're going to have to study hard before you can even get consistently profitable, and then once you're consistently profitable, you need to learn how to scale. That's what Tim Grittani did so well. He's using the same patterns that he did in the beginning, but he's taking much bigger position sizes. So it's a step by step process, and I'm just so proud of Tim Grittani again, I have to thank him and his beautiful family for all the support, they've been a dream, and I want more students like him.*

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