E992 The Next Unicorns E8 Expanse CEO Tim Junio on cybersecurity, China/Russia threat, tampering

The Next Unicorns: Expanse CEO & Co-founder Tim Junio reduces exposure to online threats by providing “attack surface visibility”, shares insights into current threats from China & Russia, potential 2020 election tampering, reasons for cybersecurity optimism & more – E8 of 10-ep miniseries

0:50 Jason intros Tim Junio
1:44 Tim explains what Expanse does and how "attack surface inventory" is the first step in their cybersecurity platform
5:20 Tim explains the Dyn cyber attack
13:20 How many Fortune 500 companies have been blackmailed via cyber attack?
19:32 "White-hat" hackers impact on the cybersecurity industry
23:12 Human-made passwords are the weakest link
29:09 History of Russian interference
33:16 Why Gmail is good for cybersecurity
35:11 Tim's experience at the CIA
38:29 What worries Tim about potential election manipulation
45:38 Chinese infiltration via apps/tech companies
49:16 Christian Bale's rogue move was dangerous
51:17 Should Chinese-made routers be allowed in America?
56:16 Chances Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant have been compromised?
1:02:20 Is there foreign infiltration in major tech companies?
1:08:29 Jason & Tim go over the Snowden situation
1:17:49 How are government intelligence employees trained to avoid being compromised by foreign agents?
1:23:45 Working with Peter Thiel

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