E971 The Next Unicorns, E1: Checkr CEO Daniel Yanisse built 1st background check API, 10k+ customers

The Next Unicorns: Checkr CEO & Co-founder Daniel Yanisse built the first API for background checks, shares insights on scaling to 10,000+ customers, bringing transparency & fairness to hiring, growth v. profitability, the future of gig economy & the changing role of the modern tech CEO - E1 of 10-ep miniseries

0:50 Jason introduces The Next Unicorns
3:30 Founding Checkr through the gig economy
4:28 Creating the first API for background checks
13:09 Solving the "False Positive" issue in background checks
15:10 Are gig economy companies doing enough in their vetting process?
19:07 Parsing felons through Checkr
28:20 Would Daniel hire someone with a violent criminal history?
32:13 Does Daniel feel pressure for Checkr to IPO?
37:25 How should gig economy workers be classified?
40:15 Growth vs. profitability
47:55 How Daniel is dealing with going from employee to boss
50:30 Changing roles of the modern tech CEO

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