E982 Hong Quan created Karmic Bikes OSLO “Tesla of E-Bikes,” why US resists electric, future transpo

Karmic Bikes Founder Hong Quan on creating the "Tesla of E-Bikes" with OSLO, bootstrapping through Kickstarter, lowering costs as a strategy, insights on U.S. resistance to widespread E-Bike adoption, & why this vehicle is the future of transportation, plus Office Hours with Jason!

1:10 Jason intros Hong Quan from Karmic Bikes
2:55 What is the OSLO bike?
4:10 Why are there separate classifications for e-bike laws?
9:15 What does OSLO cost?
12:35 How Karmic bikes are different
14:55 Why e-bikes haven't taken off in the US?
16:52 Is Palo Alto the most bike-friendly city in America?
17:28 Hong shows the OSLO Kickstarter Video
21:45 Why not go the scooter route?
27:34 Hong raps for Jason (yes, really)
33:06 Open Office Hours with Jason
33:18 Jason intros Mark from ZenSports, a P2P sports betting startup
40:22 Mark asks Jason how to attract investors as a "Vice tech" company

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