[LIVE] Day Trading | $4 Per Hour - Ugh!!! (Day Trader Truths...)

I absolutely love to be a day trader and trade stocks from the comfort of my home which allows me to make money online! However, as nice as that sounds (and it totally is nice!), there are some truths about day trading that many in the world of social media don't always show. As much as I wish I could say that every single day I make money online and it awesome, that's just not the reality of being a day trader. As you will see in this video, sometimes your strategy and system does not work out as nicely as you wish it would, and things become a "scratch and claw" situation. From a trading standpoint, I didn't do anything wrong, it's just a matter of the market offering no guarantees and therefore needing to adapt to it while trading. I open up the day with a losing trade and then you'll see where things go from that point. Buckle up for a realistic look into the annoying parts of being a day trader!

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