E977 The Next Unicorns E3 Standard Cognition CEO Jordan Fisher is building AI-powered checkout

The Next Unicorns: Standard Cognition CEO & Co-founder Jordan Fisher is making autonomous checkout available anywhere through camera computing, raised $86M to compete against Amazon Go, potential for other market opportunities, empowering both costumers and retailers — filmed at the Standard Store in SF — E3 of 10-ep miniseries

0:52 Jordan's inspiration for Standard Cognition
1:18 How Standard Cognition works
4:45 Scaling by removing friction from shopping
5:33 What kind of cameras does Standard Cognition use?
7:46 The purpose of the Standard Store
9:02 Onboarding store items to the system
13:00 Can Standard Cognition's system recognize actions?
13:45 Expanding Standard's system to other use cases
17:15 How their cameras recognize theft
22:54 Reaction to the Standard Store?
24:50 How does a store with autonomous checkout protect itself from smash & grab burglary?
29:50 Desire to adopt this technology throughout the retail industry
34:40 What autonomous checkout can do for society?
40:10 Standard Cognition is currently in "Shadow Mode", when will they officially launch in stores?
41:33 Competing against Amazon Go
46:35 How delivery plays into Standard Cognition's plan
47:05 How do big-box retailers look at the autonomous checkout movement
50:09 Reflecting on Jordan's time at the SEC

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