Startup Grind Kyiv - InkHunter (YC and 10M users)

Startup Grind Kyiv proudly presents -Oleksandra Rohachova CO-FOUNDER & CEO - INKHUNTER - An augmented reality mobile app which can visualize any tattoo design right on your body in real-time. Soon they will launch marketplace for their 10M users and tattoo-masters from all around the world. INKHUNTER was among the Best of 2017 in App Store. In 2018 they were invited to YC, previousely they were accelerated at ERA, NY.

What we have talked about:

- History of creation of INKHUNTER

- Augmented Reality: personal experience and global trends

- How to get 10M users

- Acceleration at Y Combinator, ERA

- Fundraising in USA
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