Stock Market Plunges | How I Capitalized and Made Money

At times the stock market can be a very crazy and dramatic place, especially when the stock market crashes! All the news channels begin to talk about it, every headline you read is seemingly mentioning it, and it's all pure drama and panic. For those traders in the stock market who are well rounded and understand all the strategies that exist, it is possible to still make money when the stock market crashes. Is this theory? Nope! I made money during the stock market crash and I will show you my personal trading results in this video showing the profit I captured. This brings up a logical question in your quest to learn how to trade and how the stock market works.... the question being: how is it possible to make money when prices are going down? Let me show you and get you started down a pathway that will give you complete trader flexibility and freedom.

What is "Shorting" / "Going Short"? - watch THIS:

More Results From Me Making Money During a Market Crash:

The "Math" of Shorting:

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