Startup Grind Zagreb - Female Startup Founders Panel

Startup Grind Zagreb - Female Startup Founders Panel - May 28th 2019
May is Female Founders month at Startup Grind worldwide #sgwomen

Belma is a Master of software engineering with a passion for new technologies and an ambitious spirit. She’s always looking for adventures in life and product development is always a special adventure she gladly joins. Even during college years, she was involved in creation of a couple of startups. She gathered experience with fullstack development during college internships, but after she graduated in 2017. she decided to pave her own way in building businesses.

Being committed to developing new technologies and leveraging them to make better applications worldwide, she started working on RioBot startup which uses AI to create an appointment booking with your hairdresser or a dentist. Basically, it offers effortless reservations through Facebook Messenger that service owners can easily set up by themselves.

On the other side, she also believes that the future of Internet also lies in decentralised applications. In March 2018. she cofounded NodeFactory, a blockchain development company in which she is now CEO.

Sandra is an entrepreneur and marketing professional with 15 years of experience. Sandra is a co-founder and marketing manager of the startup SightRun App, a mobile app for audio guided running tours.

With a team of co-founders she created the Run Zagreb brand (running tours in Zagreb) and SightRun mobile app that was recognized by the jury of the Startup Factory Zagreb and awarded with 20.000€. They developed the app and today SightRun App offers audio running tours in 8 Croatian cities and more on the way. The project was recognized and awarded: Women Invest - the best pitch, Next Incubator (Graz, Austria), MojZabaStart, Pokreni nešto svoje.

Today she strives to motivate young and future entrepreneurs to start their business. She gladly shares her knowledge but does not stop learning new things from others and from new opportunities.

“Do what you love and have fun along the way. Take business (and life) challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow.”

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