E885 Year-end special! 2018 trends, 2019 predictions: products, AI, podcasting, platforms, politics


E885: Year-end special TWiST! Top 2018 trends, prominent players & 2019 predictions for products, AI, podcasting, platforms, entertainment, politics & much more - with Nick Abouzeid, Lon Harris, Rob May, Skye Pillsbury & Austin Smith

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Show notes:

1:35 - Jason introduces Lon Harris, Austin Smith, Skye Pillsbury, Rob May, and Nick Abouzeid.

2:40 - Nick discusses the most interesting trends in tech this year, the most important name of 2018, and who we should be watching for in 2019.

8:23 - Lon shares his thoughts on the most important player and story in the media in 2018, and the biggest story of 2019.

15:53 - Jason thanks sponsor OWL Labs. Visit owllabs.com and use promo code “INSIDE” at checkout to receive $100 off Meeting OWL Pro Kit.

17:17 - Rob discusses the most interesting story of the year from Inside AI, China’s investments and progress in AI, Google and DeepMind, CRISPR babies, and predictions on the most important player and trends in AI in 2019.

30:10 - Skye shares her favorite predictions and discusses the popularity and impact of podcasting in Hollywood, Gimlet Media, and most important players of 2018 and 2019.

41:51 - Deplatforming’ discussion and debate on the freedom to share content and spread messages through social platforms.

48:05 - Rob shares thoughts on distributed systems as a way to mitigate complications that can arise from freedom of speech and Lon talks about transparency from social platforms on what they will permit vs. promote.

55:44 - Skye discusses Kevin Hart, policing speech, ending careers, and deplatforming public figures.

1:00:44 - Austin provides his thoughts on the 2019 predictions and the new podcasting trend.
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