Should You Go To College Or Dropout?

Today we discuss the subject of college and whether you should go to college or not. More people than ever are loaded up on massive amounts of student loan debt. Some are even wondering if there is a student loan debt bubble. Yes.

A lot of high schoolers wonder if they should go to college or not. Many other folks who are in college wonder if they should drop out of college. See the question is better answered when we know your personal situation. How bad do you want to go to college? Why do you think you need to go to college?

Are you taking out debt to go to college or are you paying out of pocket for college tuition. Are your parents paying for your college education or do you have a scholarship? These are all highly relevant questions when wondering if you should go to college or not.

Over the past few decades the price to go to college has gone through the roof all while what you get as a return on investment for college has gone down massively. People are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt when they graduate college and that sets you up super poorly to invest in your 20s/30s. Your 20s and 30s are prime years for investing and if you are just paying student debt off, that is a horrible situation. Some college student think they will graduate with a job that pays $100,000 plus per year and that rarely happens. What is your opinion on college?

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