E32 "Angel": Season 4! Index Ventures' Sarah Cannon on future of work, White House to VC & more

E32: "Angel" podcast: Season 4 Premiere! Sarah Cannon, Partner at Index Ventures, shares insights on investing in the future of work, underrated emerging startup markets, going from the Obama Administration to Venture Capital, increasing upward mobility in America, fixing the gig economy & more!

0:01 Jason intros Season 4 of Angel & Index Ventures' Sarah Cannon
3:22 How did working for the Obama administration lead Sarah into Venture Capital?
4:56 Picking a fight with Larry Summers as an intern
15:42 Choosing Harvard's MBA program over Stanford's
18:26 Getting into VC
20:27 Working at CapitalG
24:09 How was the foundation of Index built by Danny Rimer and what is Sarah's role?
31:42 What does Index focus on during a Series A and what is a partner meeting like at Index?
36:31 Thoughts on gig economy work and is there a better way to categorize freelancers and full-time workers in the gig economy?
44:54 Sarah's proposed solution for categorizing gig economy workers
46:36 Jason's thoughts on politicians evolving their views over time
50:15 Ideas to increase upward mobility in America
1:00:35 What was Sarah's first investment? How did it work out?
1:08:42 Founders getting distracted after raising large rounds of funding
1:11:05 Thoughts on emerging international startup markets like India & Australia
1:13:19 Is France an underrated startup market?
1:17:42 What is Sarah most passionate about investing in?
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