Startup Grind Cspe Town Hosts Baratang Miya (GirlHype/Uhuru Spaces)

May is Startup Grind global Female Founder month and in Cape Town we’re proud to host Baratang Miya. Baratang is the co-founder of Uhuru Spaces, an innovation co-working space and CEO of GirlHype a coding school for women and girls.

Baratang taught herself coding while she was at university and ever since she’s been a big supporter of tech education for women and Africans. She has worked as a software development lecturer at UWC and has worked with software developers at Google and Adobe in Silicon Valley. She has won various international awards including awards by the US State Department, MTN and Mozilla who named her one of the top 50 people who make the internet a better place. Baratang is a startup mentor for TechStars and StartUpBootCamp.

How can we make sure that artificial intelligence (AI) - the technology that will increasingly drive business growth, make critical decisions, and govern our daily lives - is compassionate, non-biased and basically human in its values?
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